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Internet represents a new level of worldwide IT technologies. Therefore, today it becomes more profitable to have an online business card website then to use an ordinary paper advertising cards. If you would like to use modern business models, use the up to date website development and web promotion.
Lots of firms are practicing in the field of IT and provide services for creation, optimization and support of the websites. Due to this, modern internet every day is full of hundreds of thousands of sites, but unfortunately not in all cases, customers remain satisfied for the performed works. For this reason, optimization and support of sites require high quality and specialized approach. Creation, optimization and maintaining of websites is a complex of services directed on creation of such project, which will bring not only a good number of website views but also a great success and commercial profit.
Creation, optimization and website maintaining are 3 steps that can help you to achieve expansion of business in general.
All these services are interrelated. If You order the service of website creation, as well as its optimization and promotion, than You may lose lots of money. Why is it so? It happens, because any website cannot exist successfully without these 3 action. Your website can get You lots of money only if it will achieve best places in search engines results. Also, it must correspond all the requirments of searching engines and to be interesting, active and extra well organized.
Every day, Internet users from all over the world are introducing in searching bar the names of thousands products or services that are interesting for them. Entering the query an ordinary user will open only those results that appear on the first page. According to statistics, approximately 80% of the audience rarely or never click the second page of issue. Thus, the goal of search engine optimization and promotion is to get your site in top positions.
The stages of website creation:
Projecting the website (creation of technical task)
Signing the contract
Performing original website design
Development of website modules
Filling the website
Launching the website

What we can do for those who need website optimization:

  • Primary audit - analyzing of website, as well as identifying problems and errors.
  • Keyword research - selection of key words and phrases, which will further promote the site.
  • Internal and external website optimization - improvement and creation of unique site content, code optimization, improving of sites credibility for search engines.
  • Technical works - analyzing the results of promotion, increase of websites traffic and bringing it to Top positions.
  • Results maintenance - price of website promotion effectiveness, assurance of greater site relevance and increase of its conversion.

Benefits of search engine optimization and website maintenance:

Low cost of contact with real client
Growth of reputation and brand recognition
Wide coverage of target audience
High level of conversion
Ordering search engine optimization and website maintenance from us, You will not worry about your website. All the time our goal is to achieve the best results. Therefore, we are directionated to satisfy not only the customer, but all the site visitors, also.

Our clients:

Our clients
For each project are created unique and individual strategies of website promotion. Each new project is different from the previous one and no project is like another. We do not work on templates and try to make unique each site in a new way.


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