The choice of engine for the online store (CMS)

You want to open an online store but still do not know how to start? You do not know how to make it multifunctional and be convenient, fast and easy to use for You and your users? Design of an online store has a significant role. However, the aesthetic part of your computer system may have many functional advantages. Therefore, at first You will need to obtain a proper engine for the future online store (CMS).
The engine of online store represents its heart, hands and brain. CMS is needed for available creation of content, as well as for its managemenet, editing, storeage, publishing and making available all your information to be easily found via searing engines. CMS technologies are the most convenient and can provide you with a detailed answer to the question - how to make an online store?

Why do you need a CMS?

  • To optimally match the website functionality, its requirements and to solve all specific problems
  • To allow the website owner to create and delete any pages and to edit the information without the requesting to the technical support
  • The ability to identify in the course of using the website errors and quickly fix them without involving a third-party specialist
  • To save time on website development, not stopping just for technical tasks, such as
  • To provide the necessary security
Studio Webmaster company has its own CMS for online stores. This engine is exclusive. It was developed by professionals with adaptation to query optimization of search engines and CEO-development.

Our program is really different from different other CMS platforms because:

It is uniqueness and operates individually for different types of projects
It has a light intuitive features: division of control panel tools on basic (for example, management of content for static pages) and specialized (fine tuning display of content of dynamic pages)
Great functionality and a huge number of extensions
Automatic updates of core and plugins within the administrative part of the site
Self-updating of hosting
Special built-in editor for users who are not familiar with HTML and other markup languages
Excellent productivity, even in the most extreme conditions
It is effective and convenient both for developer and the user
High level of security
It is very important to remember that any CMS cannot be a useful panacea. But this tool can show you a real wonders if it is used correctly.


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ISTI CMS is an unique content management system. It has long been developed and corrected, thoroughly tested and now it operates successfully. This is a great platform with an ability to create well-documented, simple and elegant pages. It is a versatile system that is suitable for specific business tasks. The website owner gets a site created not only by its technical task. He also gets comfortable, flexible and intuitive platform to manage web resource.
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