How to make your online store

Are You wondering how to make an online store? In this article You will learn how to create professionally such an website.
Creation of online store is an essential part of efficient commercial activities in various spheres of business. All this is due to the fact that today people increasingly make purchases via the Internet. It is profitable, fast and convenient. Therefoe online store is an unique business formula. It is suitable for budding entrepreneurs and to anyone who has extensive experience in commercials affairs.

How to create an online store? Stages of online store creation:

1. Choice of niche

Choose a niche for your site
You need to clearly decide for yourself what products or services will be advertised and sold on Your website.

2. Choose domain

buy domain
You need to choose a domain name for your website. Many visitors remember the shop by its web address. Your online store must have an unique name, for example, Do not forget to check whether the selected domain is free or not. For verify the selected domain name there are different services and websites. For example:

3. Website structure

scheme Internet magazine
You need to determine how and what information You want to post on the website. For example, you need to choose the way of displaying of main pages and the number of modules on the second page, as well as the place where will be hostes the directory, etc.

4. Creation of design

creation of Design
You need to carefully think through every detail of your website. It refers to the color of buttons and fonts of texts and headers.

5. Direct creation of Internet store

make online store
Programming, testing, typesetting

6. After creation of website follows the filling with the quality content.

content of the site
You website should be filled with a new, relevant and interesting content (articles, photos, videos, reviews, etc). The main principle is to add unique content.

7. Attracting customers and increasing of foot traffic

increase attendance
Creation of webstore is only a part of the project. The field that is necessary to be proceed is promotion. After all, without website promotion not a single online store will be easily to find and no one will know about him, except your family and friends.

In order for website to be profitable

and has become a frequently visited You should perform the next:

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Contextual advertising
Reviews, comments in blogs, in social networks
Сreation and promotion of online store is quite a difficult task. Therefore, the best solution to this problem would be to entrust the job to professionals. Because not every programmer is a good designer. In turn, not every designer is a good programmer. In order to make the shop efficiently, You will need the services of many specialists.

Why You should trust website creation to your SEO company?

SEO company
SEO company
  • + Large staff of employees (programmers, designers, testers, seo-optimizers, copywriters)
  • + Wide range of services: company with diversified professionals allows us to provide a complete package of SEO services
  • + Quality: before releasing stage Your project would be analyzed, tested and every detail of the website will be inspected
  • + Short term: a whole team of experts will handle creation of website faster and more professional than the average freelancer
  • - No clear timetable
  • - No guarantees
  • - Risks to choose an illiterate artist
  • - Human factor (sick, changed my mind, went on vacation)

If You have decided to make an online store, but still do not know how to do it professionally, please contact the Studio Webmaster company.

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