Design of Internet Shop

How to create a selling design of online store

People from all Moldova have noticed that purchases from online stores represent the best way to spend less and get more. About 70% of people prefer online shops and this percentage is growing steadily. Entrepreneurs have long noticed this trend. Therefore, Internet shopping in Moldova is increasing. Also stores competition becomes more increased and just a not everybody manages to succeed. What is the secret of this phenomenon? In fact, everything is simple. You just need to create a website with a user-friendly interface and catchy design. First meeting of the visitor and your website means a lot. You should create a good opinion about the online store and your visitor would be well motivated to make a purchase. Internet shop is created in order to sell. Therefore its initial task is to create a special design solution that would be able to help the buyers to make a purchase. Designing of online store is a multistep process.
The main stages of website and design development
Development of design concept
Selection of colors and fonts
Designing of website modules
Creating of templates
Creation of external structure
Layout and designing of individual modules
Designing of website layout
Your users will see the design of the website and evaluate its usability. They wouldnt know anything about how much effort were spent for website creation. And if he visitor dont like colors, or it will be a long time to search for a product, he will leave you and go to another website. Therefore, quality design is one of the fundamental points of successful online store.

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It is proven long ago that colors influence a person s choice. So when choosing the right colors you need to consider that it should invoke certain emotions in visitors and encourage them to make a purchase. Color psychology is very important part in web store creation of the high conversion rate projects. To create an elegant design in the scheme of the website you should not use more than 2 or 3 colors. The palette of colors is regularly updated with colorful pictures and banners. It is better to use quiet colors that evoke trust among visitors. Combination of bright and flashy colors affect human perception. In such case your visitor wants to leave the site.

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The design should not be distracting. Otherwise your visitor s attention will be riveted to it. But but about the products? The overall theme of the style is determined by what product you are going to sell, and what will be your target audience. At the moment there are many styles in web design but it is worth remembering that design is not only the picture but also the interaction with the user. You should always remember that design is not created for website owner. It is created for users based on their preferences.

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The other important stage in the design of the website is the ability to make the right accent. Underline one or more important elements and it will allow you to concentrate buyer attention on the product. Focusing on everything at once gives a completely opposite effect. The user s attention will be dispersed. Therefore, it is very important to consider the hierarchy that will reflect the importance of the elements in the design of your online store.

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Contrast allows you to highlight items and make it clearer. Without contrast, all elements will blend together and be mixed in a single mass. The contrast will help to make your website extraordinary and at the same time understandable in the perception for your user. Contrast can be used with a combination of colors, elements and fonts selection. Thus, it is possible to attract the user s attention on the key points that can help to make the sale.

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Design must be well balanced. It is necessary to take into account the requirements of symmetry or asymmetrical design. Asymmetry means the arrangement of elements according to the selected axis that are not mirrored. No matter what method you use for web designing. The most important fact says us that different elements should be correctly grouped and distributed. Designs that is exactly corresponding to the balancing principles creates a sense of tranquility. That makes it more attractive to users.