How Usability, User Experience And Content, Influence On The Promotion Of The Website In The Search Engines?

Website creation can be ordered in any company. However every entrepreneur is interested in creation of successful selling website.
What is needed to ensure that the site will become successful?
Quality design
Unique content
Correct code

Website usability includes:

content comlience
elimination of errors

What is the usability?

Понятие юзабилити в широком смысле является удобством предмета для заявленных целей. Однако, в сфере информационных технологий юзабилити это удобство пользования сайтом. Так как поисковые системы определяют статус сайта по тому, как он нравится пользователям, то большинство компаний придают юзабилити большое значение.
Carefully designed and convenient for visitors structure of the website can greatly increase conversion. You should think about usability at the stage of designing of website because in future you will not need to completely change the entire project.

How usability affects

Entered the site - accessibility
Evaluated the website: design, theme, navigation.
Found information: content, interaction, layout
Passed by link
However, for a successful website it is not enough if the user just enters the website and quickly founds something useful.. It is still needed to get the visitor interested and stayed on the site. This task can be solved through quality and interesting content.
Design is an integral part of any successful website. Combination of colors reflect the latest trends and the right distribution of space affects the perception of users. If the colors are too bright and some of these will hang over the other then the text will blend with the background and the visitor will quickly leave such a page.
Despite the fact that normal users never think about what is stored inside the website and how it works, they are interested in how does all that works. Originally written code with minimal number of errors, reduce the build time and improve the user experience. When all the parts of the site are well enough interacting, the visitor feels comfortable.

Components of successful content:

Reliable and contentful data
Design style and readability
Placement and optimization
Social meaning and message
Website usability plays a huge role in its optimization. However it may be difficult to determine level of affection of one of usability features over the entire site positionUsability is an individual complex of solutions for the website optimization. You have more chances to get the best places in search engine tops if your website has a handy basket, searching and clear navigation.
Testing the usability of the site, we identify the errors and offer the correct solution to the problem. Also, we clearly infer and find out to what extent the design of the site is user-friendly. Head of Testing department
The head of QA department

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