4 easy tips to increase fan engagement on facebook - infographic

According to recent investigation from worldwide leading social network - Facebook, more people tend to pay attention to visual effects and actions. Also it can pretty much attract the attention of both regular users and potential customers.
promotion in facebook
Below is presented the infographic which describes the basic tips on how to increase engagement of fans on Facebook social network. The presented 4 steps will lead You to effective promotion in social networks.
effective promotion in social networks

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a short content of the infographic:

Images play an important role for the effective promotion in social networks
Because they often attract attention when viewing the news feed in Facebook or other social networks.
Determine the time of high traffic
Determine the optimal time for Your posts, analyze it within 30 days or use special tools that will determine for You optimal time for publications.
Organize polls and run the contests
Ask people to answer simple questions. This will help to increase the involvement of users. Organize contests and games which will trigger emotions or just will make people being interested by its terms and conditions of execution. For example, <> competition will create a continuous stream of reviews, which will increase the audience coverage.
Use the advertising posts
Using the advertising posts You can increase significantly the recognizability of your brend. However, You should avoid excessive spam posts a day in the news feed should appear no more than 2 posts.

What can give You the effective promotion in social networks?

Increase of brand awareness
Growth of positions in search results
Ability to maintain connection with clients
Permanent audience for the website
Attracting new target users
Increase in sales
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