On-page optimization. Why do you need a professional optimization of the site

Internal optimization of the website means a set of actions that are needed for changing the website with a view to its adaptation for search engines. This process gives opportunity to improve the website position in search results as well as the number of its visitors. The list of these actions processes includes following:

Internal search engine optimization of websites

What are the most important parts of internal optimization

Fixing of technical errors in website performance.
Checking the page load speed, code validity and correction of errors.
Improvement of usability.
Website audit, improvement of navigation for better usability
Creation of unique graphic and text content
Checking the existed content for uniqueness and creation of new content
Pages optimization
Creation of semantic core, clustering of queries and its assigning at pages
mprovement of traffic and sales increase are the direct result of such a small investment in your website. Internal optimization should be performed just once, but the impact on the organic traffic remains for a long time.

Main stages of internal optimization

Technical optimization
Removal of duplicate pages, setting up of 301 redirects, 404 errors, code validity.
Content optimization
Setting of meta tags, optimization of texts for search queries.
Internal relinking
Linking of pages with hyperlinks.
Compiling of supporting files
sitemap.xml and robots.txt.
Setting of clear URLs
Creation of user friendly URLs.
Creation of microdata
Layout of pages with shema.org.


Internal optimization is nedded for:

Improvement of website position
Maximum coverage of audience
Attraction the targeted visitors
Budget save
Improvement of conversions
Internal optimization is one of the most important aspects in website promotion. The correct distribution of keywords on relevant pages, and other optimization stages are able to increase the possibility to achieve top results in search engines and facilitates further promotion in general.
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