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IT solutions for business is like a lifeline for modern business and modern economy. However the biggest problem is that most entrepreneurs do not understand the key features of IT features and think that these costs would be senseless. To determine your competitors and become the leader every business owner should think about better work time organization and effectiveness of costs. It may seem that key for success lies on the most seen place but inly few can catch it.
Absence of expenses optimization
Incorrect assessment of financial flows leads to the fact that it is impossible to calculate precisely the costs and to understand where it goes the day. Accordingly there is no possibility to optimize costs
Human factor
Forgetfulness of staff and incorrect maintaining of database of customers leads to loss of important regular customers. Human factor is crucial for the development of the company.
Non automated system
Lots of unneeded actions take away time the time of staff. This time could be spend to more efficient work performances and brings profit to the company.
Vulnerability data
Documents with a client base in public domain, which leads to the fact that customers are being lured away by competitors, since someone from «leaking information».
Low ratio of labor productivity
Carelessness, regular coffee and smoke breaks significantly reduce productivity.


it solutions - an example
Availability reporting
All incomes and spending will be clearly seen. Now you will have great opportunity to perform all the financial flows and report for various periods of time. Everything will become clear and transparent.
Data synchronization
Actions of all managers would be clearly seen in the system. Nothing will be lost and forgotten. All your data will remain in a safe place.
Authorized system
Will be shortened number of errors committed by personnel. Now, your staff will not forgot about any important task because controllers will see tasks and terms of its performance.
Data security
Database is protected by access control. Log inputs allows you to know exactly who and what time was in the system. Information leaks would not be ever.
Increase of labor productivity
All employees are under control, every action is well seen in the system, which significantly increases productivity and does not allow employees to lose time in vain.
The increase in speed of information processing 37%
Increase customer loyalty by 56%
Cost reduction 29%
Improving the efficiency of labor on 43%
Entrepreneurs do not always see the benefits of business automation. For them it increase the productivity and efficiency of the company. However, those who realize that they need it very quickly be beaten out in leaders. And all because of the fact that a high level of automation minimizes costs and significantly increase the profit.
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