The Head of Studio Webmaster knows where to hide a corpse

Over the years of work in the Moldovan market, Studio Webmaster has gained valuable experience in the field of marketing, promotion of sites and IT-technologies. And the Club of Young Businessmen (KMB) has provided us an opportunity to share such a vast amount of knowledge with others. Our general director, Vadim Barkov, gladly accepted the offer and acted as speaker in front of a large audience.

How to hide a corpse, or what is our boss secret?

In fact, there are two ways to get rid of the deceased. You can wait until dark night, arm yourself with a shovel, and bury the body somewhere in the forest. But there is a more effective method: to visit the second page of the popular search engine and leave the «object» there. Be sure that this is the place where no one really will find a corpse!

That was our general directors theme of speech. Of course, the «deceased» was a website that needs to be promoted, attracting more and more new customers. What is the point? If you entrust your favorite business to amateurs, then your portal is never going to be the leader. He is going to be buried in the «cemetery», called the second page of the search engine. Do not want this to happen? Be sure that Studio Webmaster will never allow this scenario!
The Head of Studio Webmaster

A little info about the evening

Who can describe the event better than the speaker himself? Here is what Mr. Barkov says: «It is very honorable to share personal experience in Internet marketing and IT-development. Just as to listen to the advice of like-minded people, and draw something interesting for our purposes. Its very useful. Thats why our company loves to attend business trainings. »
The speech of the head of Studio Webmaster gathered a lot of people. The event was constructive and was held at a high level. Now we are proud to say that our company has risen to a new degree, because a wide audience is interested in its experience.
gathered a lot of people
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