How to surprise a gift specialist? We now the right way!

Webmaster Studio is a company of experienced professionals at work. Each one of them is creative and a real rolling stone. Therefore, when it comes to congratulating colleagues, we cope with the task at a very responsible level.

July the 9 turned out to be a special and unforgettable date for us (it was the birthday of Elena Zglakov, Cadouri Online Project Director). Back then each of us had to answer a serious question: how to congratulate a person who knows everything about gifts in an unusual matter? Is it somehow possible to surprise her with something? But the imagination of our employees has no boundaries, so we decided to resolve the problem in a non-standard way.
What we did was surprising not only for Elena, but for ourselves as well. Webmaster Studio team has come together to fulfill this important task. Like real super-agents (James Bond, for example, will do), we crept up to her house imperceptibly, decorated the car with balloons, bought champagne. Oh, it’s worth adding that all the “doings” took place late at night, on the eve of the solemn event. Exactly at midnight we called our dear Project Director out and met her with friendly shouts of "Hooray!" We were the first to congratulate Elena.


It is so nice to bring happiness to those who bring it to other people every day! Such moments prove once again that Webmaster Studio is one big family. We should mention, that the effect of surprise worked well. A moment of silence, and then the cotton cork from a bottle of champagne. This sound has freed our joy and laughter! Lenochka even lost the gift of speech for a moment (but has quickly recovered).

Finally, we want to assure you that during the solemn event no neighbor was harmed (including their mental health). We behaved decently, trying not to disturb the peace of the house inhabitants. But our congratulations made an indelible impression on the birthday girl!
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