Studio Webmaster celebrated Elena Liutskanova's birthday

Studio Webmaster has recently celebrated the birthday of Deputy General Director, Elena Liutskanova. A memorable event took place on June, 19. The celebration passed on a cheerful and joyful note with best wishes for our smiling boss.

Professional fulfillment of all the obligations is not our only plus. Working in the company for many years we have become a close family. Therefore, we celebrate all holidays together. Perhaps you are wondering how did the significant day pass? Well, its not a secret, well be happy to tell you.
As June 19 turned out to be a working one, Studio Webmaster employees made a great effort. But at the end of the day a pleasant surprise was waiting for everyone. It was a gorgeous table organized by the culprit of the celebration! «I really love my team, so I wanted my colleagues and friends to share my joy with my birthday,»recalled Elena.
Many smiles, laughter and positive emotions were the key moments of the holiday. The birthday girl heard a huge number of pleasant and kind wishes. We hope that each of them will come true! However, do not forget about the gifts. A romantic bouquet of flowers was just the beginning. But we will not give out all secrets. Let it stay our corporate secret.

Studio Webmaster believes that such events are an excellent team building. Our team becomes more friendly and united. So, we can move towards the goal by joint efforts and in one direction. After all, as the great Confucius said: "when the paths are not the same, there are no plans together." And we fully agree with it! After an excellent rest we are ready to work in full force, and to please our customers. Finally, we want to wish Lenochka once again success in her favorite work, iron health and happiness in her personal life. Yours truly, Webmaster Studio
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