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How to create a marketing package design

According to statistics, more than 80% of people in the purchase of goods pay attention to packaging. Thus, the success of a product depends not only on manufacturers and marketers, but also directly from the designers. As part of the graphic design, is developed the packaging design, contributing to the growth of brand awareness. What should be the selling graphic design packaging? In order to answer this question, when you visit the supermarket go to the shelf and pay note on goods spread out on the shelves.

And ask yourself three very simple questions:

1. What is this product?
2. Why is it needed?
3. Brand product?
In spite of the seeming simplicity of the questions, you will not have four seconds to answer them. And that is how much the average buyer spends on a range of goods.


What you need to consider when creating the graphic design of packaging

Conciseness and simplicity
Compliance packaging content
Creativity and originality of design
The ability to change with the expansion of the product line
Comfort and practicality

Conciseness and simplicity

On the shelves of supermarkets is a huge amount of goods in a beautiful package, under which may be hiding anything. An example of not entirely successful packaging are household chemicals. This design would suit for design a packing of juice, but not for chemicals. It confuses the buyer, respectively, can not fulfill their direct purpose. The buyer should understand the purpose of the product and its brand.

Bad graphic design packaging cleaning products

An example of a failed package

Compliance Packaging content

One of the most important aspects of the success of the package is the honesty with customers. Many designers go on about the customer and try to present the goods in the most attractive light. However, buying a product, the consumer wants to get what he saw on the package. And if you will initially deceive customers, it will significantly reduce the sale in the future and affect the reputation of the brand. Adjustment of the goods, that is great, but the complete product change for the better, is not a good idea.

Packaging must comply with the content

Rolls aку delicious, but not true

Creativity and originality

Memorable and originality are the basics of brand building. The modern market is full of products, and in order to stand out you need to create an original design. If the client still insists on a standard design, then add to it bright accents that affect visual perception. If we look from the point of view of the buyer, the goods are always seen in the general picture. Passing the shelves on which the products are in huge quantities, we often stop at the product that attracts our attention, stands out among the rest.

Memorable and original graphic design

An example of the original graphic graphic design

The ability to change with the expansion of the product line

Already at the stage of creating the design concept should be considered a supplement to the variety of goods. Imagine you spent long time to create a design for a new brand of orange juice, and everything was just super. And then after a while the client requests to create a design for grape juice packing. And then you realize that the oranges look perfect, but the grapes do not fit. And when thinking about the concept always think a few steps ahead, so that when you add even a whole line of product design, it can be easily changed.

An example of a successful graphic design for brand extension

Graphic design for the product line

Comfort and practicality

Statistics revealed that the goods are packaged practical - sold much better. For example,Heinz company, made packaging more convenient with ketchup, even during the crisis, and has not lost its positions and continued to make a profit in its field. When working with packaging,designers often forgot about the functionality of the package, which is one of the critical moments for customers when choosing a product.

An example of a practical and convenient packaging

Improved packaging of Heinz
When choosing products, the bayer pay attention to packaging; packaging design can therefore be a decisive factor when buying. In this article, we touched on some, but not all aspects of marketing for graphic design. Please contact us and we will be happy to make your brand recognizable and profitable!
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